The establishment of wellsys USA was to provide the highest quality point of use purification coolers at a competitive price and with quality dealer and customer support. After a review of the U.S. point of use cooler options, it was obvious that there was not an option to dealers to be able to provide to their customer a top of the line technology based purification system, family of products to support both the high and low volume customer, quality dealer support and formula to build a solid business opportunity from both the financial and equity standpoint. Some companies offer some of those options, but none offer a complete solution to afford the optimum in success for the water purification business.

In conjunction with LG, one of the world leaders in refrigeration components and Jintec; perhaps the largest water cooler manufacturer in Korea; wellsys brings to the U.S. the best of technology with price competiveness that is unsurpassed in the industry. Jintec is an international manufacturer of water purification coolers and are certified with the highest level of international certifications for their adherence to superiority in manufacturing standards. With three manufacturing facilities, their focus is on performance and to eliminate the possibility of malfunctions and water leaks. The quality control in the plant is unparalleled and provides for a technical test on each component added to the cooler at each stage of the assembly process. To better assure the highest in quality, they also manufacture in conjunction with LG almost all of the components and even the filters. Each filter is tested for durability and are sealed with a process that provides twelve times more detail than the normal process. All tanks and reservoirs are made of the highest grade stainless steel and components and cabinets are made with in house precision. There simply is no better, more trusted, problem free unit presently being provided to the U.S. market. (We invite you to take the wellsys challenge and compare the wellsys units with other units presently utilized or on the market.)

It is the wellsys mission to provide the most lucrative, supported dealer program in the industry with the best of product. This provides opportunities to receive best of pricing as a stocking dealer or in some areas have the opportunities to be a distributor and build a water business in your location. The wellsys promise is that you will have the most reliable, technology proficient product at the best value and will be supported in all areas of your business.