Started in 2007 by the Nuttall family as a supplier of high quality point-of-use water coolers and purification systems, Wellsys has grown tremendously over the past decade due to the reliability of their products and outstanding service. Wellsys is well-known throughout the industry for its uncompromising goal of providing users with the best drinking water possible by incorporating proprietary purification technology.

Wellsys has sold more than 80,000 water coolers to dealers who receive praise from their customers for the great taste and wellness benefits that come from drinking clean water.

Each Wellsys water cooler is carefully designed and constructed to exacting standards, using high-end components, including state-of-the-art LG compressors, which allows Wellsys to offer an industry-leading, 5-year warranty.

In September 2017 Wellsys was aquired by Quench USA, Inc., a subsidiary of AquaVenture Holdings (NYSE: WAAS).